The crypto bull run includes new craze around Super Trump (STRUMP) and Raboo (RABT) tokens, with significant price increases

Meme coins STRUMP and Raboo rally as Bitcoin dips below $70k Super Trump features attractive tokenomics and Donald Trump's influence. Raboo offers quality memes and user engagement, with a presale ongoing

The crypto bull run is on, and the new craze is around new crypto projects. Super Trump (STRUMP) is one of the latest tokens to pick up a streak, as the STRUMP price is up 400% from the past month. With meme coins on the rise, traders are leaving top crypto projects like Bitcoin (BTC). The only language at the moment is profits.

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And the meme coins are speaking it quite fluently. Raboo (RABT) is another top choice for meme enthusiasts, and $RABT is even more appealing since it offers more than just memes. The presale is expected to generate 233% profits, and they don't even end there.

Super Trump joins the rest of the Trump memes

Memes around former American president Donald Trump have gained ground fairly quickly in the crypto-verse. The US elections might be a strong reason for the recent spike in activity, but meme coins are fairly unpredictable–it might just have been anything.

Super Trump features simple tokenomics that appeal to more traders, from beginners to veterans. With 0.3% going for tax and 0.8% donated to the Donald Trump wallet, the rest of STRUMP is pretty much up for grabs by the community. What's more, Donald Trump is running for President again, and with his pro-crypto agenda, he definitely has the ears and hearts of crypto traders.

CoinMarketCap places Super Trump's price at 9% losses in the past week. That might be down to Trump's latest charges and conviction in New York, and the STRUMP whales might see the price reverse to profits this week.

Bitcoin ETFs are pulling all the stops to save BTC decline

Bitcoin ETFs have trended among the institutions for the past few weeks, as they have seen combined inflows worth about $8 billion. Before Friday's price dip, the ETFs were bringing on the heat, and investors have been counting on them to save the BTC price.

That won't be an easy job, however, as the market sell-off is still in full force. Bitcoin's hash prices have risen alongside too, so miners are probably pulling the plugs. BTC is currently on a 5.28% decline on the daily charts and a 6.8% drop from last week's price.

As we said, traders seem to be leaving the top crypto coins to the investors for now. They are all over the meme coins, searching for profits.
And Raboo isn't hiding them. It's bringing even more to the table.

Raboo Launch: Expect the meme revolution!

Memes and meme tokens are one of the most appealing projects to crypto beginners. They offer pretty simple tokenomics, and users only expect memes and laughter for holding on to their meme coins–and the occasional token rally.

But Raboo will be changing the status quo soon, and it will be starting with the quality of memes. Sure, most meme projects have little to do besides create memes; the big question is why there are only tacky memes all over the place.

Raboo will be fixing the substandard memes issue with its AI solution and its users. Rabooscan is a generative AI that will arrange various content into memes and ensure that only new, fresh memes are rolled out for circulation. Because Raboo needs a creative touch on its memes, the users will be actively involved.

It would be as easy as posting GIFs and images on your socials. The post-to-earn feature on Raboo further allows you to gain token rewards for your participation too.

So engage and earn; Raboo's looking great!


Of course, you have to start from the presale. It's in stage four, and Raboo tokens are worth $0.0048 each. There's also not much time left till launch, and the prices only keep getting higher.

Head over to the presale site here and get your $RABT tokens today–and hodl for 100x profits after they go live on exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here


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