Income tax department updated the e-Proceedings tab in the e-filing ITR portal

Dealing with income tax notices, intimations or letters? This new feature in ITR portal will make your life easier

The Income tax e-filing portal gets an update - now it has a new functionality in the 'e-Proceedings' tab. This functionality will help those taxpayers who have multiple ongoing pending tax proceedings and want to search through the clutter to work on the intended proceeding.

As per a frequently asked question (FAQ) by the Income Tax department, the 'e-Proceedings' tab on the e-filing ITR portal is a simple way to respond electronically to all notices/intimations/letters issued by the tax department.

Changes made in the e-proceedings tab on the e-filing income tax portal

As per chartered accountant Tarun Kumar Madaan, two website navigation process-related changes were made to help taxpayers find their pending tax proceedings faster. The changes are:

No more extensive scrolling: The Income Tax department has implemented separate pages to eliminate the need for extensive scrolling while searching for a particular proceeding. Madaan says before this change was implemented navigating multiple proceedings took a lot of work, with taxpayers and their authorised users encountering glitches when going to the relevant proceedings.

New filters for better searchability: Various filters have been added based on proceeding status, assessment year, proceeding date, notice dates, and more, allowing taxpayers to view, check, and respond only to the relevant proceedings.

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"Before this new update, when the taxpayer was clicking on 'filter', he/she was required to select the assessment year and status of the proceeding. Taxpayers or their authorized representatives will now be able to experience a smoother utility wherein multiple options can be selected to filter and understand the actions taken or to be taken for more than one proceeding under the Income-Tax Act, 1961," says Divya Jokhakar, Partner of a CA Firm, B.D.Jokhakar & Co.

The screenshot below shows what are the new filters:

Tarun Kumar MadaanSource: CA Tarun Kumar Madaan

Where to find the e-proceedings tab on the ITR e-filing portal?

You will have to log in to the ITR e-filing portal first using your credentials. Once logged in, follow the below mentioned steps.

Here's a step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Go to the 'Pending Actions' tab and click on 'e-Proceedings' option.

ITR Portal
Step 2: If you have no e-Proceedings then it will show up as blank. If you have any pending e-Proceedings, then all of them would be listed here. You can filter through them all and pick any up based on your requirement.

ITR portal 2Source: CA Divya Jokhakar

How do these changes in the e-Proceedings tab help?

As per Madaan, these updates in the e-Proceedings functionality available on the Income Tax e-filing portal help taxpayers and their authorised representatives to access and respond to any notices, intimations, or letters issued by the Income Tax Department.

"These enhancements are particularly beneficial for taxpayers where the Income Tax department opens multiple proceedings; these features simplify navigation and ease the management of bulk proceedings," he says.

This story originally appeared on: India Times - Author:Faqs of Insurances